Posted by: pastordarren | October 17, 2018

Made in God’s Image

Lately, I have been reading and listening to much that has been happening around our country.  I don’t know about you, but the way in which people are speaking about others is has gone completely off the deep end.  Whether it is someone on the other side of the political isle, someone of a different background, color, orientation, sex, ability, etc., the trend is moving to talking about and treating someone different or you don’t agree with as non-human or dehumanizing them.  A great example of the school yard bully where they make the other person feel less, so they can feel bigger and better.  This is especially prevalent in the political realm as we are approaching the elections.  The way in which our political leaders speak about and treat others set a tone within our country, and as the world sees our country.

We have got to change these actions and it begins by believing and accepting that in our diversity, we are very much the same.  Even the wisdom of the Jedi Master Yoda reminds us that at our core we are “luminous beings’.


In the Christian faith, we believe that we are all created in God’s Image.  This means that we all don’t look like God in a physical sense, but we hold within ourselves a part of our Creator.  It is seeing that Image of God in other that should help us to treat each other, speak to each other, listen to each other in ways that are very different than what is happening in our world today.  Even in our disagreement, we can still treat others with respect, dignity, and love that builds up instead of tearing down.

Will you join with me to recognize the Image of God within others, to build up those around us, and change the way in which we talk to each other in our daily lives?


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