Posted by: pastordarren | January 17, 2013

Dealing with Hurts and Offenses

546808_144669879021183_1810123005_nOver the last few weeks at our evening Renew service, we have been talking about how we need to deal with the hurts and the times were we have been offended, or take offense at something. We are all hurt at various times in our lives and it is worse when that comes from someone who is close to us or a group who we put our trust in. Examples would be family, friends, church, etc. When the hurt comes from these places, the trust and security that we once felt is broken.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have begun to look at how we move forward, and begin the healing process. Many times it is not easy nor does it always happen quickly, but we have to begin somewhere.

The first two steps, as we have talked about are, acknowledging that we have been hurt or there is a brokenness that we are living in; and the second step is to be willing to lay it down.  The first step may seem a bit obvious but if you think about it, sometimes, when we are hurt but someone or a group that we love and trust, we will sweep the hurt and the offense under the rug and pretend that it did not happen.  This may seem like the easiest thing to do, but we can not move forward until we acknowledge that there is pain and brokenness.  We don’t lash out and try to seek revenge, but we begin, if we haven’t already but saying, “What happened hurt and caused brokenness in me.”  If we don’t, we effectively remain locked in the past, carrying around the pain and the hurt, even without realizing it.

The second step is one of being willing to release it and let it go.  Many times our pain and hurt becomes comfortable over time, other times we wear it as a badge of ‘honor’ or a sign that we are ‘strong’.  By being willing to lay the hurt down, we make room in our lives to be free and to receive healing.

This Sunday we will be beginning the last two steps of moving forward; recognizing that we have received forgiveness and then being able to pass on that forgiveness.  We will be looking at the parable that Jesus tells from Matthew 18:21-35.  In this parable, Jesus tells the story of a servant who is forgiven a great deal by his master and then goes out and demands payment of a very little amount from a fellow servant.

The main questions that we will be discussing will be:  Do we understand how we have been forgiven by God and others?  Do we take that forgiveness for granted?  Can we understand with our head and our heart what that forgiveness has done for us?

What do you think?  Share your comments and be part of the discussion.

The next week we will be focusing on what it means for us to then offer forgiveness to others, setting the prisoner free, and realizing that the prisoner is us.


  1. Very thoughtful Darren. You are wise and I appreciate being able to read your thoughts. Love you, Mom

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