Posted by: pastordarren | January 8, 2013

Lessons from a Snowy Night

56aea002-1078-4c3c-87f4-17e044af1849I was awakened about 3 o’clock in the morning, which in its self was not unusual, but as my eyes became accustomed to the light something did not seem normal.  Well what was not normal is that it was light at three in the morning.  As I got up to check out what was going on, I went to the back door and looked out at our yard to see what was going on.  We had been receiving some snow the day before and it had picked up over night to the point that everything in our yard and the surrounding area was covered in a deep blanket of white that was reflecting the full moon’s light.  In the midst of the bleakness of winter and midnight, there was a sense of aliveness and energy that was totally unexpected.  All of that came together to make it seem like midday in the middle of the night.

As I stood there just watching the snow continuing to fall and being in awe of the beauty of the landscape with the snow, my mind began to think about the freshness of the undisturbed scene.  I knew that it would not last, in the morning the dogs would go and run through the snow, I would have to go and shovel the stairs and clean the cars, and the plows were already plowing the roads and throwing the snow and ice from the roads to the yards, but for that few minutes, the picture was clean and fresh.

As we enter the new year, I picture 2013 as that snowy landscape that night.  There is a freshness and newness of the new year with many opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.  There will be times of hard work like shoveling the walk and cleaning the cars from the snow.  There will be times of fun and joy like the dogs running and playing in the snow and building snowmen and having snowball fights.  There will also be times where people may dump things on us and mess up what we may be trying to do like the plows throwing snow and ice in the yard.

As you look upon the opportunities and challenges of the new year, even the opportunities and challenges of each day, I hope that you will be willing to do the hard work you need to do, deal with the things people and life throw at you with grace and love, and remember to take time to run and have fun with family and friends.  Take time to listen to and follow God’s voice and draw closer to God in worship and prayer.

Peace and blessings to each of you in this new year.

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