Posted by: pastordarren | December 14, 2012

Hug Your Kids and Teach Them Peace

By now we are all aware of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. While the details continue to emerge, it is clear that this will be one of the worst mass shootings in America, let alone at a school. We may never know the why, but I think that this will change things for a long time to come. Most certainly, this Advent and Christmas has changed and will never be the same for the families.

The Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love that is celebrated is gone for many. How do we get those back in the aftermath of this evil. If I knew for sure I would tell you.

My first thought is to hug your kids and the kids around you. Not only to tell them you love them and will always be there for them, but to also teach them peace, grace, forgiveness, love. So often it is the opposite that is shown and taught. The violence that is apart of our culture is seen as a way to express themselves.  Hug those around you and teach them peace.

Secondly, whether or not you may believe in Jesus or how you celebrate this time of year, the central message of the life of Jesus is that of love and care and that must be born in us each day.  We will renew the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love of this season as we live them out each day.

Lastly we must find answers to the violence in our communities.  Whether is done with guns, knives, hands, words, cars, bombs, or whatever is convenient, we need to move toward a peaceful answer.

Words can not truly express the grief and horror of the events of the day and I have no idea what the families and community is going through.  There are no answers to the questions.  I hope I don’t hear any simple answers from someone, because there aren’t any.  All I can do is to offer up prayers, try to live a life of peace and teach that to my girls and all around me.  Come Lord Jesus and be born in us today.

Hug your kids today, teach them peace.


  1. Thank you, Darren. Our world has become so evil and it will only continue to get worse!! Your words are so much more encouraging and are certainly true but I know the reality of this world we live in. I find myself wishing more and more to be back in the fifties when neighbors were caring neighbors, kids could play most anywhere and we didn’t have to be afraid, doors were left unlocked and you could go to a movie without fear.

    Sorry, it’s gotten to be a dreary scary world and country. Love, Mom

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