Posted by: pastordarren | November 20, 2012


This Thursday is Thanksgiving. No surprise there if your eyes are open and paying attention to the stores, ads, tv, etc. Many of us are planning on gathering with family and friends, planning our meal, planning on getting out to hit the black Friday sales beginning Thursday evening and stretching to Friday night. Thanksgiving, as many holidays, has become a commercial event focused on the ways in which we can spend our money.  It is interesting too, to see what others are thankful for.  I’m sure that many of you have seen the Facebook posts of those who are posting each day what they are thankful for and there are other ways in which we can share our thanks.  These are great and I have enjoyed reading many posts.

As I have reflected on Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for, I have realized that most of what I am most thankful for, can not be bought or collected, but are the relationships of family and friends, times of quiet reading and conversation with family and friends, experiences of faith and peace, being in God’s creation, music that touches my spirit, laughter and other things that you can not hold in your hands, but that are a part of my soul.  It is these things that I want to continue to build upon throughout the year.

As you prepare and carry on your traditions this weekend, I pray that you will take some time of reflection to see what you are truly thankful for.  When we realize where we are most thankful, we will also realize where our attentions should be focused.  If you feel like it too, please share in a comment what you are thankful for and why.


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