Posted by: pastordarren | November 6, 2012

Moving Forward

Today is election day in America.  We have endured months of ads, debates, phone calls, twisted facts, and out right lies.  Both candidates and parties have said that if you vote for them, they will move the country forward. Both have promised change. Both have appealed to the voters (and the big money pockets) for support. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I am so glad it is over. If I receive another phone call or see another ad on tv, it will be too soon.

As I write this, it is mid afternoon eastern time, and although I am already hearing the each party is claiming victory, we will not know for quite a while who will actually win.

But take a minute and look to tomorrow and further into the future.  No matter what party wins, there will be a looser; no matter what the decisions are in the various races and laws, there will be a looser.  We need to come together, no matter who is elected, to work together as our country to make lasting change.  Maybe I’m in the minority with this, but I don’t think lasting change will come from DC or your state and local governments.

Real and lasting change will come when you and I reach out to those around us and take care of them.  When we stand up to injustices, bullies, and hate.  It is the actions of love and caring between individuals in a community and country, especially when they are different, that will make a difference and create lasting change.

Yes, I voted, but beyond the vote, I commit to moving forward in my family, church, community, and country to bring about lasting change no matter who the winner or looser is, because I want to see the people be the winners.


  1. We are all losers in yesterday’s election. Each of us voted for the candidate that would give us the most. As christians we tried our best to balance social issues with biblical principles. What we have ended up with as a nation is free abortions instead of abstinence and self-control, welfare instead of the satisfication of a job well done, free housing instead of a safe home for children to be raised, handouts instead of hand ups, an unhealthy dependence on government instead of a church family. Each of these freebee’s destroys self-worth, self-esteem, and in a lot of ways is just demoralizing. I believe the church as a whole has failed and we each need to take a good long look at how we move forward from here.

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