Posted by: pastordarren | July 6, 2012

For a Time Such As This – David

As we continue our series “For a Time Such as This”, we are focusing on the person of David.  David is one of the more well-known people in the Bible because of the many different stories that are related in the Hebrew Scriptures.  One of the most well know is that of David’s encounter with the Philistine army and specifically their champion Goliath found in 1 Samuel 17.

David, a young shepherd boy, had taken some food and provisions to his brothers who are serving in the army facing the Philistine army.  The story goes that as they faced off, Goliath said that he would settle the battle in a one on one fight with whoever the Israelites would send out.  None would go because of fear.  When David arrived, he was shocked that no one would go out and face him and volunteered to be the one.  King Saul tried to outfit David in his own armor, which was too big.  David used what he knew and what he had been trained with, a sling and rocks.  This is the setup that David went up against lions and bears when protecting the sheep.  Knowing that it was God who would go with him, David ran to meet Goliath and with one rock downed him.

What made David different from the rest of the army, including his brothers, that would make him do this?  Some would say his youthful enthusiasm.  Others would say his confidence in his skill.  While these where part of it, I believe that ultimately, it is his faith and belief in His God.

When we come up against things in our life of faith where the fear is too much, where we think the barrier is too great, how do we address it?  I believe that we are all gifted with different abilities and skills that we can use to deal with what comes against us, but the foundation of it all is where we put our faith.  Is it in us and the skill and talents that we have, or do we put our faith in God and allow God to use those skills and talents for God’s glory.

Come and join the discussion with comments below or Sunday night at 6:30 at Hampton Christian.


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