Posted by: pastordarren | May 2, 2011

I Remember

I remember where I was when I heard the news of the 9/11 attacks. Coming away from a worship committee meeting, I turned on the radio and heard the news for the first time. The rest of the day seemed to be a blur, although there are several details that stick out very strongly.

I remember calling my wife and waking her up to turn on the TV.

I remember sitting and watching the news coverage while trying to work.

I remember attending a prayer service that afternoon.  They sang, “It is Well” and I remember shouting in my heart “No it is not!”

I remember the faces of the family and friends of those lost as they cried and searched the rubble for their loved ones (although I do not personally know someone who was killed that day and if I did, I maybe responding differently now).

I remember the solidarity of the nation, not primarily patriotism, but in caring and love.

I remember the news coverage from around the world.  Some of the response was in solidarity and care for the victims and the nation.  Some was in celebration of the attacks and the death of so many Americans.

I remember the start of the war on terror.

I remember the thousands who have been killed on all sides.

I remember those that mourned the deaths and I remember those who celebrated the deaths, even in this country.

I remember the news reports of the celebration in the streets when a US Service Man or Woman was captured and / or killed and how difficult it was to watch.

I remember the news announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and the reaction of celebration on the news.

This is what I posted on my Facebook page, “While glad this chapter is over, I can not celebrate his death as it drops us to the level of those who celebrated the deaths on 9/11 and of our service men and women.”   Diana Butler Bass posted this, “What if we responded in reverent prayer and quiet introspection . . .”

I remember the sacrifice of thousands and realize that it is not over.  Whether or not there are revenge attacks or terror attacks that were already planned carried out against the United States and the world, we must continue to pray for peace and justice and work for the same.  While some may call me a pacifist, I’m really not.  I understand that there are times where it is necessary to go to war and I fully support the men and women who put their lives on the line for us and for the world, but I don’t celebrate the death and destruction of war.  Sometimes peace comes not through military strength or from a lack of conflict but sometimes, true peace, is something only God can bring.

I remember and from those memories, I will work for a better future through my faith for my family, community and ultimately the world.

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