Posted by: pastordarren | March 9, 2011

Children in Worship Follow Up

The following suggestions are from a brochure that I put together about welcoming children into the worship service.


  • Allow time to be settled.  Take children to the bathroom prior to the service (adults need to go too).
  •  Sit near the front so they can see what is happening and feel more involved.  Please, don’t worry about normal noise or movement.
  •  If possible, seat children with an adult between them.
  •  Introduce your children to the people sitting near you.
  •  Go over the order of worship before the service begins to identify what is happening.  Mark the hymns and locate them in the hymnal.  Find the Scriptures to be read in the Bible.  Note when people are to stand up or sit down and other activities.
  •  Allow children to write their own names on the attendance sheets.
  •  Share the hymnal and bulletin with your children at their eye level.  Help them follow along, even if they are not yet reading.
  •  Children can participate by reading scripture, being an Acolyte and in other ways through out the year.  See the pastor for more information.
  •   The Children’s Time is just for them. 
  •  Allow children to participate in the offering by sharing their financial resources and placing the offering in the plate themselves and passing it along.
  • Communion is the highlight of worship and all are welcome to participate.  You will want to talk with your children about the meaning of this important time.  If your child is interested in participating, talk with them about its Spiritual meaning prior to participating.
  • Talk ahead of time about what is appropriate behavior in worship.  Remember, they are children and they learn by sharing and observing. 


  •  All children are a part of the family of God.  Include them and welcome them.
  •  Children learn to worship by observing and participating.  Do your part to include them.
  •  Make an effort to greet the children around you and welcome them.
  •  Be understanding when children make some noises and move around.  God understands and is glad they are present.
  •  Understand when parents need to take younger children to our nursery or the restroom during worship.
  •  Compliment the children who have participated well during the service.
  •  Remember that they are children and have different perspectives and understanding than you do.  You can learn from them.

Some of these may not be applicable to your setting or congregation, but let me know what you think about them.

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