Posted by: pastordarren | June 9, 2010

What about the Church Building?

Howard Snyder says this about church buildings:

“Church buildings attest to five facts about the Western Church: its immobility, inflexibility, lack of fellowship, pride, and class divisions.  The gospel says, “go” but our buildings say, “stay.”  The gospel says, “seek the lost,” but churches say, “let the lost seek the church.”

This is an interesting quote for the church today.  Many times we put a lot of focus on the facilities of our church buildings and they take a lot of our resources, finances and energy.  At one time in our history, the church was the center of the community, but that has begun to change.  Experts are saying that churches need to begin to get away from their buildings and not expect people to come just because the church building is there.

What do you think about the place that buildings and facilities should play in the life of the church?  Snyder’s last two comments are especially important; The gospel says, “go” but our buildings say, “stay.”  The gospel says, “seek the lost,” but churches say, “let the lost seek the church.”  I will write more about them tomorrow but would love to hear some of your comments and feelings about the church building and how you have seen it used in your context and if and how it is changing.



  1. Wonderful message….very though provoking…This is why some churches might not grow. This why some churches guest leave and never come back. This is why so many never go back to church because they aren’t being accepted where they are its where other say they have to be when they are just struggling to stay afloat. Change is possible but it needs to God’s season, not man’s.

  2. I must agree that this is a very thought provoking message. Unfortunately in today’s time our focus of “seeking the lost” has become replaced with a spirit of complacency within many of today’s churches. This was and is never Jesus intent, if we are truly in tune with his Holy Spirit and walking in obedience to His desire, then people will always come first over property. Much of the time, I think this has to do with perspective and the belief that our perspective is always the right one. By not allowing the Holy Spirit to change our perspective to be the same as God’s, then we will continue to walk the wrong ways and do the wrong things and never take into account that our perspectives may be the wrong ones. It is time to prayerfully consider how God would have us respond to the people that He is placing in our lives. How do we reach out to those that are hurting? How do we allow ourselves to be instruments of healing and hope for those who have been hurt by the “church” of today? By reaching the people first, then we can use those relationships to bring them into the church. But, I think that continuing to do the same things for sake of tradition is not the answer because then “tradition for the sake of tradition becomes our idol” and God has clearly instructed us not to have idols. Just some thoughts that come to me as I ponder this message. Be blessed.

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