Posted by: pastordarren | April 9, 2010

The Locked Doors of Our Lives

The scripture for Sunday is from John 20:19-31 and is the story of two of Jesus’ appearances to the disciples both behind locked doors and includes His showing Thomas His scars.  Often I have heard these texts focus on Thomas’ declaration of Jesus as ‘my Lord and my God’; but I began to think about where the disciples were when Jesus appeared to them.  They were behind shut and locked doors because of fear.

I began to wonder what doors we hide behind as individuals and churches because of our fear or being uncomfortable.  I know that there are things that make us as individuals uncomfortable and we try to keep hidden from Jesus.  Maybe we think that if we keep this or that area closed off from Jesus that He will love us more or that He doesn’t need to know about it.

In the church it is very similar.  We lock certain areas off from Jesus because we are comfortable with the way they are or we don’t want to deal with past feeling of hurt, betrayal and grief. 

I encourage you to take some time to think about what is locked in your own life and maybe areas in your church.  If you are comfortable, share them here or send me an email at  They will help me to understand where the locked doors are and maybe how we can invite Jesus to unlock them and free us from the locked rooms.


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