Posted by: pastordarren | April 8, 2010

New Eyes of the Resurrection

As I have thought about the question of Now What? in relation to the resurrection and what the resurrection means for us now, one of my first places I went was that we receive new eyes and new vision.  That doesn’t mean that those with blue eyes will have brown or those with glasses will have perfect vision.  To me it is more than that.

Jesus saw things differently during His ministry and because we have His new life, we must begin to see things like Jesus.  What does that mean exactly?  First we need to begin to see people the way Jesus saw them.  Jesus was able to look past the outer facade to see what is in the heart and soul of a person, good or bad and no matter what was there, He loved them.  We need to begin to see people for who they really are behind the masks and facades that we all put up to fool others.  This can take time and we will need to develop relationships with others.

Secondly is that we need to look at life and situations in a different light.  I believe that God is present in all the situations of life and that as we draw closer to God, we will be able to see Him in all the circumstances of life.  To often, we (I) tend to see God a lot easier in the good times and not so much in the hard times of life.  One of the things that the resurrection brings to us is the realization that there is hope in the midst of death and darkness.  That hope is found when we recognize God’s presence in the midst of the struggle and the joy.

The third area is that we receive new vision about what the future holds and the opportunities that are available when we are open to them.  The resurrection of Jesus brought about a new present and future to the disciples and others close to Jesus and it does the same for us today.  The disciples eyes were opened at various times to the resurrected Christ and that changed their present grief and gave them a new vision of hope and opportunity for the future.  It was not an easy future, but one of hope because they now had the opportunity to see people and things differently than they did before.  Most of us are facing difficult struggles, personally, family, job, ministry, etc. but when we encounter the risen Jesus we can begin to see things differently and move forward with new eyes and a new vision.

What does the resurrection help you to see a new and differently today?  What are the opportunities that may await you in the light of the resurrection that affect your present and future?

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