Posted by: pastordarren | April 5, 2010

Now What?

We have journeyed the long journey of lent.  We have gone through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  We have celebrated Easter Morning – “He is Risen; He is Risen indeed.”  Or as a good friend says, “Christos Anesti, Alithos Anesti”.

Now What?

Many of us, me included, are returning to our daily lives, daily concerns, daily responsibilities on this Monday morning, we can even pick up whatever it was we gave up for Lent.  If we go back to our regular lives, does the resurrection of Jesus make any difference for us each day as we face the “normal responsibilities and concerns” of life?

Christians have been known as the resurrection people because Easter is central to who we are.  We try to celebrate this event each Sunday during worship, in the image of baptism and communion we talk about new life coming from death.  I really think that the new life of Easter morning must make a difference for us.  I believe that the new life that Jesus gives to us is much more than the eternal life that we as Christians so often talk about, it has to affect us each day. 

We have to bring the story of the resurrection and it’s power from two thousand years ago, up to today.  It is not who Jesus was, but who Jesus is; he is alive and reigning today!  I think we have to come at life with a new vision about what our life, our relationships, our ministry, and ourselves can be about.  We  have to begin to see things through the lens of the resurrection and who and what God has called us to be and do.

Over the next week, I am going to address what this means, to look at life through the lens of the resurrection.  Are the specifics that you would like for me to share my thoughts on?  Let me know.  What does it mean for you to look at life through the lens of the resurrection?  Let us know.

I pray that each of you experienced the risen Jesus in an exciting way and that His new life is a part of you today.

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