Posted by: pastordarren | March 1, 2010


During the Sundays in Lent, Hampton Christian is offering a time of gathering for prayer each Sunday night. For the last two Sundays, a small group has gathered to pray for the needs of the church, community, each other, and the world. It is a simple time of prayer and scripture reading. I have been reminded of something a wise man (my dad) shared with me one time, “Prayer is to be used to align myself with God, not to align God with my desires.” I have been reminded of this as we have prayed each night and have seen the fruit of these prayers as we daily submit our will to God’s and faithfully work to live that out each day.

I encourage all of us to truly pray and align ourselves with God’s desires for our lives and in turn the lives of those around us.  Whether you join us or another group for prayer, pray at home or where ever you may be, let us really look to God’s desire for us each day.  If you have prayer requests that you would like to be lifted up, please share them here or send them to

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