Posted by: pastordarren | February 1, 2010

The Peace of the Snow

Some may not think so, but I really enjoy a good snow fall.  Hampton Roads had a good snow fall (for them), 6-10 inches, but it did cover things.  I had almost forgotten how nice it is to stand outside after a snow fall.  Everything is so quiet and peaceful, all the sounds seem muted and the sun is so bright off the snow.

Psalm 51:7 says, “Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

This is part of David’s prayer / song asking for forgiveness following being caught in his deception with Bathsheba.  He know that it is only God who can give this forgiveness and that the forgiveness is total.

As I stood and have stood looking at the covering following a good snow fall, I am reminded of God’s forgiveness in my life and understand again the peace that comes when we are forgiven and when we forgive. 

This Sunday’s sermon is about forgiveness and I would love to hear your thoughts about giving and receiving forgiveness.

May we all experience the cleansing and peace that comes with real forgiveness and be willing to give as we have received.

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