Posted by: pastordarren | December 1, 2009

Christmas Dreams: The Dreams of Humanity

We have begun the season of Advent in the church.  Advent is the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas where we are waiting and preparing ourselves for the coming of Jesus, born as a baby.  Last Sunday we celebrated the Hanging of the Greens in the sanctuary.  This Sunday we begin a sermon series entitled “Christmas Dreams” with the focus this Sunday on The Dreams of Humanity.  Isaiah 9:1-7 talks about the different struggles that we has humans go through – pain, death, darkness, gloom, etc.  This is one of the passages that is commonly used as a prophesy of Jesus’ birth and the situation that He will be born into.

As I read this text, I realized that the troubles that are talked about in Isaiah are the same that we deal with in 2009.  We all face pain, trouble, death, darkness, gloom and conflict on a lot of different levels physical, emotional and spiritual and this is what we are waiting with and in as we prepare for Jesus’ birth during Advent.  We can dream of a better world, we can dream of a world with out the pain and brokenness that surrounds us but some how we fall short.

What are your dreams this Advent season for humanity?  What are your dreams for the future of all people in all countries?

Share them with us as we wait for the coming of the one who will bring those dreams to reality.


  1. I dream that the church will not only wait patiently for that future day, but, will live out of that future today – addressing the pain and hurt of humanity and to be willing to be an instrument in the hand of God to bring that future nearer. We won’t experience the fullness of that better world until Christ comes, but, we wait for it by acting on behalf of those who are suffering now. God promised us this future but God also promises to be God with us i the here and now! So we continue to pray the churches oldest and most fervent prayer; “maranatha”.

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