Posted by: pastordarren | September 1, 2009

Lost Sheep

I am a member of facebook but don’t do a lot of the games that are there, just not a lot of time.  One of the games that is popular is called Farmville and has you ‘owning’ your own farm and taking care of the crops and animals.  A couple times a day, the following message will come up on my home page,

_________ found a lonely Black Sheep on their farm. Oh no!  ______ was farming when a lonely Black Sheep wandered onto their farm in FarmVille. This poor sheep was abandoned because she’s a bit different from other sheep. She feels very sad and needs a new home.

These messages have got me thinking about people around us who also fit this catagory – they are lost and wandered into our lives, churches, homes, etc.  They maybe different, they may have different needs, they may not be like us, but they are looking for acceptance and a ‘home’.  Will we welcome them in with open arms and accept them where they are at in their lives?

In Luke 15, Jesus talks about lost sheep coming home and the celebration that comes on earth and in heaven.  Jesus sought out the lost and welcomed them home, even those who did not fit the normal mold.  Are you aware of those around you who maybe like the lost sheep in farmville?  Are you welcoming to the lost around you? 

Let’s commit to welcoming and providing a home and place of rest for those who need it by showing them Jesus’ love and being His hands, ears, and heart.

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