Posted by: pastordarren | August 2, 2009

General Assembly Post – Day 4


SUDDENLY was the word of the night last night.  Rev. Thomas preached from the Acts 2 text where SUDDENLY the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples  and others gathered and started what many call the first revival.  The disciples were gathered together for prayer, when SUDDENLY the Spirit came like a rushing wind and landed on each with what looked like fire.  That is considered the start of the Church.  That was the beginning of the apostles mission.  That day 3,000 people were added to their numbers.

SUDDENLY – what a wonderful word.  Too often we try and plan and say when and where the Spirit of God can show up instead of being open and aware of the Spirit.  We try and tell God what He is to do, instead of being open and praying that He will come and then being ready when SUDDENLY He is there in power.

There is a song that we have sung the last two nights by Robin Mark called ‘Revival’  some of the lyrics are below for you to read.

From the Preacher preaching when the well is dry
To the lost soul reaching for a higher high
From the young man working through his hopes and fears
To the widow walking through the veil of tears

Every man and woman, every old and young
Every fathers daughter, every mothers son.
I feel it in my spirit, feel it in my bones
You’re going to send revival, bring them all back home

I can hear that thunder in the distance
Like a train on the edge of town
I can feel the brooding of Your Spirit
“Lay your burdens down, Lay your burdens down”.

This is the second part of the song and if you would like to hear the whole thing, search it out on youtube.  To me this song is powerful and expresses the feeling of many, that there  is a work of God coming is some way and form to the world.  We can see it is some parts of the world, is some people’s lives, yet is is  continuing to come.  Are we ready when SUDDENLY He comes to us in power and does great things of revival in our lives and churches?

Be ready, be watching, because SUDDENLY . . .

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