Posted by: pastordarren | August 1, 2009

General Assembly Post – Day 3

The day on Friday was a bit disjointed from my view point.  The worship the first two nights flowed one to the other but last night was not strongly connected to the first two.  Not to say that Rev. Sharon Watkins delivered a poor sermon, it was very good.  She spoke from John 17 where Jesus prays not just for  His disciples, but for all who would believe because of them, you and I, to be one.  She talked about a trip she took to the rain forest to visit Disciples in that country and witnessed the dedication of an infant.  Her point  was that we are all one family as the human race and as the people of God.  What we do in America affects what happens in the rain forest and what happens in and to the rain forest will affect us here.

There were two other parts of the service that were very powerful to me, that were to remind us of the connectedness of the Body of Christ.  The first was the memorial listing of many from the Disciple of Christ who had passed since the last assembly.  It was a bit sobering to read all the names but encouraging to that they had worked and sacrificed, dream and cried to get us to where we are now and have entrusted it to us.  My grandma’s name was among them.

The second was the leading by the youth choir under the direction of Andra Moran.  They did a wonderful ministry of leading us in song and worship.  They are a wonderful group of youth who are leaders today.  We as the larger church should be listening to and trusting them more.  There are many who are gifted in music and have other gifts to give to and lead the church with.  I have been fortunate to work with many of  them and look forward to seeing where God is going to take them.

Thank you grandma for your legacy (and other’s legacy) may we carry it forward in unity.

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