Posted by: pastordarren | July 31, 2009

General Assembly Post – Day 2

In this second post from General Assembly here in Indianapolis.  The worship service last night was very interesting.  Rev. Doug Skinner brought us the word from Genesis 3 about the fall of Adam and Eve with the focus on confession and repentance.  He opened with a story that I was not familiar with, a tradition that is seen in many paintings that show the death of Jesus.  He describes these paintings as having something that we often don’t see, a man at the foot of the cross with a human bone or skull.  The tradition is that Jesus was crucified over the spot of Adam’s grave.  Theologically this is very interesting in that scripture tells us that sin entered the world through the choice of Adam and Eve to eat of the tree in the Garden of Eden and that Jesus’ death and resurrection brings us new life.

The focus of the service last night was on confession and repentance, that we not only have to confess our sins, the things that we have done and said that have hurt others, ourselves, and God; but also repent of them.  I have been reading a book by Leonard Sweet in which he talks about repentance in a different way, that of rebooting the system.  First we have to recognize that there is a problem and then we have to be willing to confess it.  Sometimes that confession is to others, sometimes it is to God, sometimes  both.  That is just the first step.  Repentance is where we have the opportunity to start a new and fresh.  Repentance can be defined as a 180 degree turn and going in the opposite direction.  That is very true but  I think that rebooting a computer system is a wonderful  image too.  When you reboot a computer, you go back to the original opperating system.  Sometimes that comes after a problem – a virus, bad link or file, locked up, etc.  When this happens we are able to get rid of the problem (hopefully) and then move on.  Sometimes the reboot comes after a software upgrade where we install some updated software to improve and help the system to run better.  In each case, we need to reboot and start a fresh.

What does this have to do with confession and repentance?  First we have to be willing to recognize the problem and then be willing to do something about it.  That maybe sin in our lives, issuses in our churches and larger church expressions, issues in various ministries, etc., but the point is that it is hard to recognize them.  When we do and are willing to change, that is like confession.  That is the easier part.  The second step is that of repentance or rebooting where we actually, physically, and activily begin to start again and live the way, opperate the way that we as peopel and organizations were supposed to live and function.

Are there things that you need to confess and repent of?  Scripture tells us, “when we confess our sins (the things we have done to hurt people and God) God is faithful and will forgive us our sins and make us whole again.”  Let us become whole again as individuals, churches and organizations.

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