Posted by: pastordarren | July 24, 2009

Covering the Song

Cover Bands and Cover Songs – not my most favorite types of music.  Not because they are not good, but because they are not the original.  My experience with cover bands, bands who try and play and perform like the original, is that they do a good job but it is just not right, there is always a little different sound, rhythm, stage presence, etc.  They try and be just like the original but don’t always measure up because of my expectations.

Cover songs, on the other hand are growing on me.  One of the songs that I am listening to now is Stryper’s cover of Boston’s “Peace of Mind”.  You are probably saying who??  I have not heard of Stryper in years and the same with Boston.  Well, Stryper has just release a new disc with Peace of Mind on it.  The story of how Michael Sweet hooked up with Boston is a great story, let me know if you would like to hear it.  Anyway, Stryper has covered this song and because I am a big Boston fan, I wondered what it would sound like.  (You can go to
http://www.soul- features/ 07-20-2009/ stryper-2/ to read about the new CD and download the song if it is still available.  Now to find somewhere to get the full CD.)  I was impressed.  It is not exactly like the original but retains the basic sound, melody, riffs, and overall quality.  I guess that has been my problem with many cover songs is that they don’t retain much about the original song.

While listening to it (doing it now), I began to realize that when an artist does a cover of a song, they are supposed to take the basics of the song and add their own personal sound and touch to it.  Then it hit me, that is what we are supposed to do with our faith.

We have the core of our faith, belief in Jesus, love of God and neighbor and as we live those out, we add our own gifts, talents, touch, and sound to it.  When the core is there, we are free to add and experiment as long as the core is there.  While the expectations of others will always be there and they will be sure to share with you when you don’t meet up with them, when we play around the core with our gifts and talents, it is a good thing.  It is when we mess with the core of the faith, that the tune goes wrong.  When that happens, we begin to create something that is not in line with what Jesus has said, is not loving toward God or each other and can quickly move far from the original tune.

May we all cover the tune of Jesus with our own sound added to the music.  It then becomes a wonderful song of life.

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