Posted by: pastordarren | June 1, 2009

Penn and the Gift of a Bible

For those who are familiar with Penn and Teller, they have a wonderful magic act that is fun and entertaining.  You may also know that they are atheists.  That is why this video caught my attention.  I was listening to Klove the other day when they were talking about this video and caught a bit of the audio.  I was able to track it down on youtube and wanted to share it with you today.

Penn makes several interesting points but I would like to comment on two of them.  First is his respect of the man who shared the Bible with him because of the respect the man showed Penn.  The second is Penn’s belief that if you believe something with all your heart, why are you not sharing it.  If you believe a truck is going to hit someone are you going to love them enough to tackle them.

Do we as believers, believe and love enough to share with others in a respectful and loving way?  If we do, then we should not worry about offending them and if we do, we continue to love them.  

What do you think?

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