Posted by: pastordarren | April 1, 2009


Be.  Such a short word yet it can be a very powerful place.  How often do we take the time to BE in the moment?  To BE with someone?  To BE with God?

I have found that often we are more concerned and distracted with what we have left to do for the day, answering emails or our phone, distractions at home or work.  These things pull us away from BEing in the moment with someone or with God in prayer.

It is tough to just BE in the moment.  We have to put aside the demands of others, we have to try and shut out the noises in our head and heart, and sometimes we have to shut off our devices.

What are your distractions to being able to BE?  Some of mine include the phone and emails as well as music and expectations of others.  As we get into Holy Week between Palm Sunday and Easter, with everything that is involved, I am going to try and BE.  BE with God, BE with others, BE with myself and put aside the distractions and other demands of life and focus on the moment, the person, God.

Can you do it too?


  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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