Posted by: pastordarren | March 18, 2009

Barna’s 9 Challenges for American Christians

Many of us who are in a church, whether as clergy or lay people serving in various parts of the Body, know there are challenges facing the church that are growing each day.  Attendance is shrinking, money is tight; just to name a few.  Manytimes those challenges have gone un-addresses for many years years and are at the point now that they may seem overwhelming.


In 2002, the Barna Group did a survey that came up with 9 challenges for the church today.  I came across this in an article in Youth Worker Journal entitled: “Post Church Christians: A Journalist Explores the Implications of Believers Who Are Quitting the Church”  I thought the list was very interesting and true as well as the article as a whole.  Many that I have shared the list and article with have had similar feelings and reactions.


Below is the list from Barna and I would love to get your feed back on it, whether you are in the church or not, or whether you are a pastor or not.


Barna’s 9 Challenges for American Christians


1. Worship is stale: the “same old, same old.”

2. Evangelicals are watering down their theological beliefs

3. Evangelical congregations are still by and large split in to all white, all black, or all Hispanic groups. This shouldn’t be.

4. Many Christians, especially younger ones, don’t take the Bible seriously, especially on issues such as divorce and premarital sex.

5. Christianity in America has essentially no built in cost.

6. Any expression of the supernatural has been excised from Sunday worship.

7. No one is ready for the fact that Gen Y Christians are going to radically reinvent the Church.

8. U. S. churches tend to compete rather than cooperate.

9. There is a dearth of good leaders.  Those who fill America’s pulpits, he said, are teachers – good people all – but not leaders with a vision.

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