Posted by: pastordarren | March 10, 2009


We got a new dog this past weekend.  For those who know me, that may seem a bit crazy, but the story behind him is interesting.

About a month ago, this dog comes to my wife and daughter as they are leaving in the morning.  He is very friendly, has no collar but has a big H on each side of his body.  Being dog lovers, we take him and put him in our back yard and call animal control to try and find the owner.  Animal control comes and takes the dog to the SPCA. 

Short story is that they think he was a hunting dog that was lost or abandoned and they could not find his owner.  The H was from some kind of paint or dye to mark the dog as a hunting dog, but it turned out that no one wanted him or missed him.  After the appropriate time, he went up for adoption and we brought him home.


He still has the H on his side and it may or may not fade, but now he has a home, is wanted and loved and has a new name – HUGO.

As I thought about it and watched as Hugo explored his new home, I was struck by the similarities with us and God.  Many times we are marked by the world via our sin, the choices we make and what the world does to us, and sometimes we are let loose when we are no longer wanted or needed.  We look for a place to fit in, a new home and through Jesus, we find that home back with God.  We still may have the markings of the world, the scars that are left, but over time they will fade, replaced with the way God has created us to be.  It may take us awhile to find our place in our new home, but knowing that we are loved and cared for is what is important.

Hugo is finding his place in our home with our other two dogs and sometimes there is a rub or something happens, but that is part of the growth and Hugo discovering his home.

I hope that you have discovered your home with God and you are finding your place in His kingdom.

Hugo enjoying his new home.

Hugo enjoying his new home.


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