Posted by: pastordarren | March 4, 2009

Laminin video from Louis Giglio

What holds your life together?  What is it that you could not live with out or that you would fall apart with out?  So often in our world we focus on things that are important to us but that ultimately fail us.  We put our faith in things like money, stuff, houses, cars, people, and all sort of different things that can fail us when we need them the most.

I came across this video of Louis Giglio sharing the gospel message at a Passion conference and thought it was very intersting.  Not being a biologist myself, I can’t understand everything, but the basic idea is there.

It seems that this laminin holds us together at the core of who we are physically and the Cross of Christ holds us together when when sin, pain, and life tear us apart and keep us from a relationship with God.


  1. I watched a video of this message at my ladies Bible study this morning and had to Google the word Laminin. This blew my mind!! To see this revelation made all the ladies in our group praise God for The wonderful creator He is.

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