Posted by: pastordarren | February 3, 2009

Ground Hog Day

This really should have gone out on Monday, but I was away from a computer, so . . . .

I love Ground Hog Day. Not necessarily the actual day, but more the movie. Remember the movie with Bill Murry? He is a reporter with a bad attitude that is send to cover the celebration of Ground Hog Day. The events happen and he is ready to go home, but he wakes up the next day and it is Ground Hog Day again. The whole movie is based around the repeating of this day and how he at first abuses it and then realizes that he needs to do things right and make changes in his life in order to get the right girl and be a better person.

Isn’t this what God does for us? Through forgiveness and grace, he teaches us the importance of second chances and making the most of them to allow Him to make the changes in our lives that He needs to make.

May we always experience the grace of God and extend to others a new second chance.

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