Posted by: pastordarren | January 28, 2009

Follow Up on America’s Faith

A couple posts ago, I talked about the Barna report that says Christianity is no longer Americ’s default faith. You can go back and read it for more information, but I wanted to follow up on a thought today.

If it is expectied that everyone is a Christian then what I have observed is that many people will begin to defend the traditions of the church and expect it to remain the same as it always has been. There are traditions and beliefs that are unique and important to the Christian Faith, but where do we draw the line between what our tradition and The Tradition; what is our comfort and what is what the Gospel and Faith really call us to in our lives.

There are many examples of this in the church today that I have seen including, worship styles, music, governance, education, outreach, evangelism, etc. Sometimes recognizing that line is hard to do but I believe is of vital importance to the church. If we hold on to what we are comfortable with and what we want, instead of where God is calling us to go and do and be then we are not truly following God. Yet if we want to be who God has called us to be in the world and to reach out in true faith, then we will need to put aside our traditions so that we are unbrudened as we move forward with God’s leading.

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