Posted by: pastordarren | January 20, 2009

Thoughts on President Obama’s Inauguration

As I sit and watch the inauguration of Barack Obama, our country’s new president, I wonder what the future holds for our country. The inauguration of a new president always brings about a question of what the future holds. With the status of our country, there is a question of what the future holds. I don’t have answers for these questions and I don’t think that anyone can answer them, but let me share with you some thoughts as I sit looking into the future.

First, as scripture calls us to, I will be praying for our new president and the administration. I may not agree with all of the new president and administration’s policies and views, but I do commit to praying for President Obama and what he will be facing and addressing in the coming days, months, and years. There is so much that we as a country are facing that we need to lift them up in prayer.

Secondly, is that as much as our government can do, they can not do it all. It is up to us as regular citizens of the United States, to make a difference. Both candidates ran on a platform that talked a lot of change, yet that change needs to start with us. The government can change and set laws and policies, but can not change hearts. That takes the Spirit of God to do so and then our actions to move toward a better tomorrow. The government can not legislate morality; I believe that comes from the Spirit of God working among us and through us.

What ever the future holds, I know that Barack Obama has brought a renewed spirit of hope to the country. His election as the first African American President is a wonderful moment in our history. He brings hope because he wants to address the issues and problems of our country and world head on and come together in unity as Americans. He brings hope because there is continued progress and movement toward equality of races; hope that the economic situation will improve; hope that the world situation will be improved; hope.

I hope that you will join me in committing to praying for President Obama and the new administration, but also to work together to bring change to our country and care for those around each of us.


  1. i don’t doubt that Obama will be a vast improvement for the U.S. and the rest of the world

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