Posted by: pastordarren | December 5, 2008

Having God’s Eyes

What does it mean to have God’s eyes; to see as He sees; and feel as He feels?  Have you ever prayed to see others with God’s eyes?  We go about our daily business with our thoughts on what we need to get done that we bundle our hearts and lives up against who is around us.  Bundling our hearts up not only protects it from others, but hides it from others.  There can be so much pain and hurt around us that we can not or will not see with our own eyes, but that we can see with God’s eyes. 

Let me encourage you this Advent and Christmas season, to pray that you will begin to see others with God’s eyes so as to really know them and what they are going through; and then as best you can, reach out with God’s hand and heart to meet those needs and sooth the hurts.

May the Peace of Christ be with you and may His arms reach out to you and from you this day.


  1. The last few nights we have been blessed to see through God’s eyes his grand creation. The moon has been extraordinary. It inspired me to write of another time and place when I was allowed to see God’s wonder, if only for a second.


    December 1990 Atlantic Ocean, clear and cold, black sky, black water, big yellow man-in-the moon, over-the-horizon yellow reflection ……… on watch, a crew of one sitting behind the wheel, beginning the adventure of a lifetime.

    The wind was blowing a nice fifteen knots and the seas were normal – for a while.
    Looking starboard aft the moon was rising into a huge golden ball laying out a path of silver sparkles to the beyond. Pulling gloves on a bit tighter, I checked the new self-steering gear one more time. It was operating perfectly and fascinating in its simple complexity. Finally, finally at sea, headed due east from Morehead City NC, moving quickly to clear Cape Hatteras, graveyard of ships. Make good easting toward Bermuda, then follow the trade winds south to St Thomas. Should be easy.

    Glance again around the horizon and back to the moonlight. Repeat again. Check the compass, check the gear, soon acceptance of being at sea will come. Try to relax remembering all the preparation, all the time, the difficulty of leaving family and friends for a year trip – off to the Caribbean.

    The moonlight made the dark night bearable, happy even.

    Making the rounds when shockingly! suddenly! quickly breaking the water in the moonlight’s path, was a spinner dolphin – jumping perhaps fifteen feet out of the water and twisting ‘round with flecks of moonbeams scattered in all directions – as if to say, “Watch me, watch me in the moonlight”, and then gone.

    WOW! Too shocked to speak, or to think even, I continued to stare at the moon’s reflection on the sea. There are no words. Maybe ten seconds for the eye to see what God’s beauty is … then gone … beauty beyond measure, beauty measured, just a glance, and gone.

    • These are great gifts from God, Ann. Thanks for sharing the stories. I would agree that often God gives us gifts in nature to remind us of His presence and what a mighty God He is.

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