Posted by: pastordarren | December 3, 2008

The Peace of Advent


It is a word that we hear often at this time of year, but something that we don’t too often experience.  With the business of life in general and the Christmas activities on top of it all, peace is sometimes left out of our lives.  How often have we been running around trying to get things done before the deadline, before the family arrives, before Christmas eve comes, before . . . before . . . before; yet we are left without the peace that we so often need.

If Jesus is called the Prince of Peace, if the angels announced Peace on Earth at His birth, where is it in our world and our lives.  I believe that peace eludes us during advent and throughout our lives because our focus is shifted from Jesus to other things.

Have you ever really looked at a nativity scene.  The story goes that Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to register for the census but there was no room in the inn for them.  The city must have been full of noise, and people and activity to the point that it was overwhelming and distracting.  Yet everyone in the nativity scene is looking at the baby Jesus and for the moment, shuting out the world around them.

That is what I hope for me and for you this Advent and Christmas season.  May we shut out the world and it’s noises and take time to rest in the Peace that Jesus brings and then take that peace into the world that we live in each day.

May the Peace of the Baby Jesus be with you this day.

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