Posted by: pastordarren | July 30, 2008

The Importance of Church Camp and Conference

I have just returned from my second week serving at Craig Springs camp which is the outdoor ministry location for the Christian Church in VA.  I served as director of the Music, Art, Dance, and Drama camp as well as on staff for the CYF (High School) Conference.  I also serve as chair of the Outdoor ministry Committee.  As you can guess, camping / outdoor minsitry is very important to me and I believe to the health and development of the youth and the church as a whole.  It is in this time that youth and adults can get away from the TV, internet, cell phones, IMs, games, and much of the other noise and have a chance to really listen to and experience God in new and exciting ways.  We are not only able to hear and see things that we can not or will not see in our everyday lives, such as stars, and sound of nature that are drowned out but life, but we can hear better what God is telling us and calling to us because we do not have the distractions that are a part of our daily lives.  I have personally seen this summer and heard of many other instances that youth have seen God’s creation in new and exciting ways and have heard God’s call on their lives in completely new and challenging ways.

Some hear the call to ministry, others to a deeper commitment level, others hear God just telling them that He loves them where they are at in their lives.  All this happens because of the commitment to the outdoor ministry and the wililngness of the youth to participate and be open to God in this setting.

I have a couple of quesiton for you to consider:  Do you have a place where you can hear God and experience His presence in ways that are stronger than others?  Have you taken time to be in those places lately?

I would encourage you to regularly take time in these places for prayer and reconnecting with God in special ways.  By the way, the picture above is one of those places for me.  This is a picture of Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth mountains of central Idaho.  We used to go there all the time but I have not been their since 2002.  Still this is one of the holy places for me.  Where are yours?


  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about church camp and it’s importance. I too see it’s importance, now, more than ever. Youth live in a world of constant noise. Often I think they are unable to hear messages being delivered to them from the Lord because of this nose. Church camp provides an oasis where their thirst( unknown to them) can be quenched. Their faith can be practiced and lived out in a “safe” place. I thank God for this oasis and other resting places he provides for his people.

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